About Us

We are a group of 5 volunteers who set up in 2008 to reduce the cost of oil heating to the community by combining orders into one bulk purchase in order to get the best possible price for you.

The Burford Oil Syndicate is a not for profit community group set up for the benefit of the wider community.

We welcome residents, businesses, the church and other groups to join the syndicate.

Since the syndicate started we have saved the community over £32,000 (figures up to April 2010).

On average each household saves £45 per delivery.

There is less congestion as fewer tankers are coming into the town with the more co-ordinated deliveries. The Co2 emission savings equate to the equivalent of 4.3 family cars being taken off the road for a year.

We have worked in partnership with Cottsway Housing who offers us support and assistance when required. Cottsway entered the syndicate into the National TPAS (Tenant Participation Advisory Service) Community Award in May 2010, where we were in the top 7 shortlisted out of 100’s of entrants.

We have been recognised by the Commission for Rural Communities for our innovative community work and are being showcased as a ‘good practice’ example in a forthcoming publication to the Government.

We have developed a simple process which is easy for you and easy for us too:

  • 1.To join the syndicate complete the application form and return to us with the £5.00 annual membership fee (this fee covers running and equipment costs).
  • 2.Look at the delivery schedule and decide when you want to order, then complete the order form and return to the syndicate.
  • 3.The syndicate will ring round 10 local suppliers to get the best possible price and place the bulk order.
  • 4.The syndicate will advise members of the price obtained and the supplier by e mail, and this information will be posted on the website and in Burford.
  • 5.You pay the oil supplier direct
  • 6.For full details please see our Terms and Conditions