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About Us

In 2008 a group of 5 local volunteers established the Burford Oil Syndicate with the aim of reducing our members' oil costs by pooling their buying power, submitting one bulk oil order and having it delivered on the same day. The intention being that the transportation costs saved by the Oil Company would then be reflected in a lower cost per litre.

In short, the aspiration was that our members would win, the oil company would win and equally important the environment would be better off due to a reduction in tanker traffic flow and a reduction in the carbon foot print of the oil supplier in our town and villages. Since we began, thanks to the support of the community, the Oil Syndicate has gone from strength to strength

  • there has been a five fold increase in our number of members
  • we have saved in excess of £200,000 of the cost of the oil purchased by our members
  • not only do we regularly save 5-6p per litre on the 'high street' figures quoted to the general public but also we often undercut the cost per litre negotiated by other syndicates for their members
  • on average each household has been saving approximately £50 per delivery
  • our members now have a choice of eight order schedule dates, seven between September & May and one in July, (to top up and generally benefit from the lower Summer prices)
  • the introduction of an easy to use website and new procedures harnessing the benefits of new technology enabled us to further enhance our administrative service

We are proud of our enviable reputation with our panel of oil companies which in a great part is thanks to the

  • considerable goodwill created by our members when the deliveries are made and
  • their prompt payments which are paid direct to the oil companies.

Thank you everyone. It makes our job that much easier.

From our small beginnings so much has been achieved but the Syndicate continues to be run by a small group of volunteers as a 'not for profit' community initiative, whose running costs are covered by a nominal annual membership fee of £5 per member.

Membership is open to all residents, businesses, churches and other groups in Burford, Fulbrook, Taynton and Bradwell Village.

  1. First complete the Membership Application Form and return it to us with £5.00 annual membership fee, (which is your only charge to cover our running and equipment costs).
  2. Look at the delivery schedule and decide when you want to order, then complete the order form and return to the syndicate.
  3. The syndicate will ring round 10 local suppliers to get the best possible price and place the bulk order.
  4. The syndicate will advise members of the price obtained and the supplier by email, and this information will be posted on the website and in Burford.
  5. You pay the oil supplier direct.
  6. You are under no obligation to order on every Order Date. You simply order whenever you are able to top up by a minimum of 500 additional litres. Similarly you are under no obligation to place all of your orders with us, although we would like to think that you will do so when our order schedules are convenient for your needs.
  7. For full details please see our Terms and Conditions